Lemon known as (citrus x limon), a small evergreen tree native to Asia. Used primarly for its juice for culinary and cleaning purposes. The juice contains 5-6% citric acid, which gives a sour taste, which becomes the key ingredients such as lemonade or lemon pie. By 2013, the world production was 15.42 million tonnes, led by India, Mexico and China, followed by Argentina and Brazil.


  • Varieties are Avalon, Bears, Buddha’s hand, Bush, Citron, Eureka, Dorshapo, Finger citron and Fino Citron.
  • Yellow and yellowish-orange.
  • Inside yellow colour.
  • Has round shape and succulent texture.
  • Has sour taste.
  • Grown in hot and sunny climate.


  • Culinary.
  • Cleaning Agents.
  • Pulp and rind (zest) used in cooking and baking.
  • Juice used as lemonade.
  • Marinate fish to neutralize amines in fish.
  • Tenderizing meats.
  • Preservative for foods that tend to oxidize.
  • Medicinal.