Distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) are the nutrient rich co-product of dry-milled ethanol production. DDGS utilization as a feed ingredient is well documented as both an energy and a protein supplement. DDGS is replacing even more corn and soybean meal in livestock and poultry feed rations. One of the reasons that DDGS is replacing conventional feed is that its energy and protein content are more concentrated.


  • Lighter and more yellowish color indicating a higher quality with higher amino acid digestibility.
  • Darker DDGS with darker and brownish color has a lower amino acid digestibility.


DDGS increasing production of bio-energy and ethanol from different cereals become an important raw material commodity in the international feed market. DDGS is a valuable raw material in feed formulation for poultry and especially for layers. DDGS is a new raw material source for layer feed formulation as the basis for diet formulation to offer flexibility in lowering cost price of nutritionally optimal diets.