Mace is a spice harvested from the outer red or crimson layer of several species of genus Myristica plant which is also the same species of plant that produce nutmeg. Depending on which type of nutmeg plant species, the size, smell and flavour of the mace may vary from each type.

The plants are native to the Molucass or spice island (also known as Maluku Island) of Indonesia and are cultivated there as well.


  • Bright crimson lace that encasing the brown nutmeg seed in irregular, fleshy lobes.
  • With size up to 35mm long.
  • Has an aroma (similar to nutmeg but stronger), but loses its bright red colour.


Used as spices or flavouring in cuisines as well as medicines to treat various complications such as diarrhea, nausea, cancer, kidney disease, insomnia and manymore. Applied on the skin, mace can help reduce pain, especially pain caused by achy joints (rheumatism), mouth sores and toothache.


  • Moisture Content : 12%
  • Organic Extraneous Matter : 1,5%
  • Insect Damage : 3%
  • Packing : 5kg Carton box