Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of Syzygium Aromaticum of family Myrtaceae. This agricultural commodity went through a drying process (mostly by sun) before it is ready for sale. Cloves are native to Maluku Island or Moluccas in Indonesia.

It can be found cultivated in other countries primarily India, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Pakistan,Sri Lanka and Tanzania. In Indonesia, cloves are cultivated in East Java, South Sulawesi, Maluku Province, Province of South Sulawesi and in the Province of Central Sulawesi.


  • Grows up to 8 – 12 meters tall, with large leaves and crimson flowers grouped in terminal cluster and can grow up to 100 years old. They are harvested once in a year and takes about 3-4 months to finish.
  • Available throughout the year due to the different harvest seasons and place where it is cultivated. The buds are harvested at 1.5 – 2 cm long.
  • Green leaves with the flower changes from olive green to yellow pink and right before the purple/crimson flower starts to develop. Lal Pari Clove with brighter red colour compared to other type of cloves (darker brown colour).


With it’s sweet and spicy flavour, cloves can be found as seasoning in cuisines in Asia, Africa, Mediterranean, the Near and Middle East Countries. Cloves are also used in medical field for toothache pain, fever reduction, mosquito repellent and many more. In production factory, cloves are used to make cigarette. It is especially well known in Indonesia for its production of “Kretek” cigarettes.


  • Brand : Lal Pari.
  • Moisture Content : 12% MAX.
  • Headless Clove : 15% MAX.
  • Baby Clove : 3% MAX.
  • Defect : 1% MAX.
  • Foreign Objects : 1% MAX.
  • Stems : 1% MAX.
  • Dust : 1% MAX.
  • Shrinkage : 1% MAX.
  • Other Defect : 1% MAX.
  • Packing : 50kg Jute bag and PP Bag (double layer) or 10kg carton box.