Black Pepper is produced from the un-ripe/still-green fruits of Piper Nigrum plant of family Piperaceae, which is also known as peppercorn tree. The fruit from this tree is usually harvested, rinsed then dried under the sun or by machine until the skin around the seed shrinks and darkens.

Black Pepper is commonly found in Southeast Asia and South Asia. In Indonesia, it is mostly cultivated in Lampung, Bangka, Kalimantan and West Java. Depending on where it is cultivated, black pepper has variety of types and names.


  • Has the strongest flavour among other pepper spice.
  • A perennial woody vine that grows up to 4 m in height on supporting trees, poles or trellises.
  • Smooth and shiny leaf surface with round shape and sharp tip with the drupe of the plant that grows up to 8.7 cm.


Used as seasoning in cuisines throughout the whole world. Depending on the type of cuisine, it can be used either as seasoning, beauty products, and traditional and applied medicines.

Processed into pepper spirit which are used in medical and beauty products, and pepper oil which are used in certain beauty and herbal treatment and as ayuverdic massage oil.


  • Quality – Bulk Density : BB1 – 550 G/L
  • BB2 – 500 G/L
  • Moisture Content : 12-14% MAX
  • Foreign Material : 1% MAX
  • Admixture : 0,2%
  • Packing : 25kg or 50kg PP bag