BEANS are the longest-cultivated plants. A common name for large plant seeds specifically for human food of family fabaceae (Leguminosae). They are important source of proteins throughout the history until today. Considered as heliotropic plant, beans are unique as the leaves tilt throughout the day to face the sun and folded ‘sleep.’ Currently there are 40,000 bean varieties in the world with only a fraction is massed produced for regular consumption.

Soy Bean

Soybeans are the most protective beans. They contain 40 percent protein. They have the highest protein content amongst plant products. “Soy protein” refers to the protein found in soybeans. More ….

Split Faba Bean

Also known as split habas, split dried faba beans are skinned and split in half. More ….

Broad Bean

Fava bean grows upright, ranging from one to 1.5 meters tall. It is an annual legume with one or more strong, hollow, erect stems. Fava bean has a strong taproot, compound leaves and large, white flowers with dark purple markings. More …

Mung Bean

It is called the Golden gram, the seed of Vigna radiata. Part of the legume family. A native to the Indian subcontinent and mainly cultivated in Philippines, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia. More ….