A edible root vegetable known as Daucusa Carota. Member of umbelliferae family. They are domesticated form of the wild carrot. Native of both Europe and Southwestern Asia. Carrots are grown from seed and takes up to four months (120 days) to mature. However, under the right conditions they can be fully matured within 70-80 days. Carrots, the ten most important vegetable crops. As of 2013, the world's total production was 37.2 million tonnes, with China producing 45% of the world total at 16.8 million tonnes.



Bright orange colour from Beta-Carotene, lesser amount of alpha-carotene, gamma carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Some are yellow, white, purple and red.

Crunchy texture and a sweet taste

Stocked in fiber to maintain a healthy insulin level.



  • Juice
  • Raw carrots for snacks
  • Cooked carrots for higher antioxidant activity
  • Add-ons for soups, stews