Corn or Maize

Known as Maize in Spanish and Corns in English. They are mostly originated from the US and India with special grown for highest imported quality. Our Maize / Corns serve as an alternative to local corns for human consumption especially in Indonesia.


The leafy stalk produces ears, which contain the grain, which are seeds called kernels.

The maize kernels are about the size of peas, and adhere in regular rows round a white pithy substance, which forms the ear.

An ear contains from 200 to 400 kernels, and is from 10-25 centimeters (4-10 inches) in length..



Maize and Cornmeal are consumed in many regions of the world. Popcorn is also the certain type of maize, a major source of corn starch and cooking oil (corn oil) and maize gluten.