Vision and Mission

Over the past decades we have expanded our products line up to fully cater the commodities' demand especially in Indonesia. 

Not only through products portfolio, we also focus on constantly renewing our process and keen to being attentive to details on tackling challenges as they come up. Finally, to keep up with commitments we have also invested warehouses in strategic locations to fulfill the highest service quality possible.


To be the leading commodities importer in Indonesia by offering the best quality products and exceptional service management


  • Bridging open COMMUNICATION with suppliers and customers to deliver the most updated product and price information
  • Staying firm with COMMITMENTS made both to suppliers and customers for products quality and delivery timeliness
  • CARE towards the environments with adequate products and equipments handling
  • PROFESSIONALISM for Human Resource Management to gather the right talents
  • BRIDGING the fair -trade between Industries, Producers and Customers