Our History

Founded on September 1994, PT Jakarta Sereal has grown tremendously within the span of its 20 years existence. Having initially imported onions and peanuts for the local market, it has since expanded to diverse commodities and become the most sought commodities importer in Indonesia.

PT Jakarta Sereal had long envisioned the increasing demand of high quality based food ingredients right from the start. We understand the importance to produce excellent quality of widely consumed local food such as Tahu Tempe (Tofu & Fermented Soy Bean), snacks, and birdfeed's. Having to serve secondary and tertiary markets, this sparks the total commitment by Jakarta Sereal over the years not only to come up with the right mix of products to fulfill the increasing demands, but also realizing the importance of reliable distribution. Thus over the years, we have committed to add warehouses in our main distribution hubs.

This total commitment has engraved the trusts developed with business associations all over the world, since it adds to promote delivery timeliness and product quality assurance.